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We drive the industry

This is how we understand innovations: innovations must have relevance, they must add real value and they must have virtues, i.e. every detail must be thought out carefully, also with respect to quality. This is exactly what ASA represents, providing ergonomic industry designs and a comprehensive product range with numerous variants that take the daily challenges in their stride.

Our latest products at a glance:

November 2015

Foot Switch with Pedal Cover

Have you ever actuated your foot switch accidentally? So that this would not happen again we have the answer: We now offer (besides our established anti-trip mechanism) a hinged pedal cover made of stainless steel. Our safety option for your foot switches. Before actuating the pedal, the cover has to be lifted with the forward section of your foot. After actuating the pedal and leaving active pedal zone, the protection drops down to initial position – your pedal is protected again.

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Connect, Control and Move – with our Pneumatic Foot Switch

In many areas, besides electrical procedures, pneumatic procedures have to be controlled directly. To work as you are used to, we have broadened our product range by a pneumatic foot switch. The installed valve controls with usual quality and highest degree of precision. The interior plug connections and included cable glands guarantee convenient handling – Promise! We gladly advise and offer you a customized solution for your pneumatic application!

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Datasheet FS1 PVO 1

Datasheet FS1 PVO 1 U

Februar 2015

The Medicine Foot Switch Consoles are finally available

After many technical adjustments and a long wait, the long-awited Food Switch Consoles are finaly available for supply. Due to the highly flexible structure of this series are precisely tailored to a variety of applications of our demanding costumers in the medical industry. Of course, the consoles from UL and TÜV Nord-Approbation. Satisfy yourself of the high quality, Economic design and attractive price structure!


  • Available in 1, 2 and 3 pedal designs
  • Robust and slip resistant
  • Only high quality materials, such as Aluminum cast alloy and reinforced polyamide plastic, are used
  • These colors are available on short notice: black; red; yellow; blue; light gray; jade green; fir green. Other colors on request.

Special features:

  • ANSI/AAMI ES60601.
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1
  • Custom colors and markings are available

Application areas:

  • Control of medical equipment, and a lot more…

Contact our experts today for a detailed product presentation either at our headquarters or visit us.


We are looking forward to seeing you.

ASA Product overview medical foot switches

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A new "mini" extends the ASA level switch program

By popular request, we have added this stainless steel switch type in our level switch program. The contactless Reed technique achives long life and is extremly reliable. With minimal dimensions and good resistance a wide range of applications and use cases opens.


  • Stainless steel 1.4571
  • NO/ NC or change over

Special features:

  • The switching function can be changed from NO to NC by turning the float

Application areas:

  • Level monitoring on the smalest space

Contact our experts today for a detailed product presentation either at our headquarters or visit us.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Datenblatt Schließer/Öffner
Datasheet NO/NC

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July 2013

A new USB interface is added to the ASA foot switch line

With the new USB interface it is now possible to directly connect ASA foot switches to a PC or an Apple computer. Any possible shortcut that normally would be used with a keyboard can now be triggered by foot. That way your hands stay free:
You can easily forward or backward your PowerPoint presentation, without having to use a presenter. That way your presentation is a lot smoother and more professional.
Doctors can use the USB foot switch with their medical devices. Ultrasound images, for example, can be frozen on screen or a snapshot can be saved on a hard drive, while the treatment itself is not interrupted.
ASA foot switches with an USB interface can greatly improve your professional work: If you are a sound or video editor, you can play, pause or forward your media with your foot and therefore can become a lot more efficient.
There are numerous ways to use the new USB interface foot switch, but they all have one thing in common: the ergonomics of your workplace and your efficiency will be significantly improved.

The new ASA USB foot switch can be an additional or the only input device for your application.
With our supplied software, shortcuts can easily be programmed (Win/Unix/OSX specific as well) and due to an internal memory, it only needs to be done once. As soon as the shortcut is saved to the USB foot switch, it can be used on any computer (Windows, Apple, Linux) without having to install the software or a driver.
However, the very first programming has to be done on a Windows computer. We are happy to program the USB foot switch for your specific needs prior to delivery. That way you only need to plug it in and start working…


  • 1- or 2-pedal
  • 3-pedal USB foot switches will be programmed with your desired configuration prior to delivery. Currently it is not possible to program the 3-pedal USB foot switch yourself.
  • These colors are available on short notice: black; red; yellow; blue; light gray. Other colors on request.

Special features:

  • Plug & Play, no drivers needed.
  • Easily programmable shortcuts (Win/Unix/OSX specific as well). The signal will either be trigged by pressing and/or depressing the foot switch.
  • The shortcut(s) will be saved on an internal memory, that way the foot switch is ready for use at any computer, without having to install a driver or software.
  • A maximum of 8 USB foot switches can be connected to a single computer.

Application areas:

  • Scanning, controlling of medical devices, security systems, presentations, editing and a lot more…

Contact our experts today or visit us for a detailed product presentation either at our headquarters or at the SPS 2014 in Nürnberg.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

ASA - USB Foot Switch (english)
ASA - USB Foot Switch (deutsch)
ASA - USB Foot Switch (italiano)


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